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The best pizza starts with the right crust. We make dough in-house daily. Our slow-rise process yields a more flavorful, more digestible crust. We also weigh-out our dough for each size – so you get the same experience regardless of how big of a pie you order.

Traditional thin crust

East-coast pizza is thin, crispy, and foldable, with just enough of an edge crust to hold the toppings on (and so you can hold on to it). We hand-stretch our dough and then bake the crust directly on the stone in the pizza oven. We only use six ingredients in our dough – high-gluten flour, water, sugar, salt, yeast, and olive oil. As a result, our dough is also vegetarian- and vegan-friendly.

Thick crust

Can’t get enough of the crust? For our thick-crust option, we double the amount of dough, and bake your pie in a deep, seasoned pan. The result is a much thicker edge crust – imagine getting your pizza with breadsticks on the side. Plan extra time as thick crust takes twice as long to bake. (Thick-crust uses the same dough as thin… just more of it.)


For those who require a gluten-free option, we make dough in-house each week. Using tapioca, brown rice, and potato, we create a cracker-thin crust that is strong enough to stand up to the pizza toppings. Ask in advance, as this crust sometimes sells-out quickly. This dough also has sugar, water, olive oil, and yeast – so it is still vegetarian and vegan safe. (The dusting flour for all our pizzas is also made with corn meal. For those with extreme gluten-sensitivity, please be aware that we do use wheat flour in our kitchen.)


If you are on the ketogenic diet, or are just trying to avoid carbs, we have an answer for you too.  Using salami and cheese to create the base, and then adding our special blend of spices, you can enjoy the flavor and feel of pizza, and still meet your macros for the day.  Our 8" keto pizza starts with just 4 net carbs.

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