Our Crust


The best pizza starts with the right crust. We make dough in-house daily. Our slow-rise process yields a more flavorful, more digestible crust. We also weigh-out our dough for each size – so you get the same experience regardless of how big of a pie you order.

Traditional thin crust

East-coast pizza is thin, crispy, and foldable, with just enough of an edge crust to hold the toppings on (and so you can hold on to it). We hand-stretch our dough and then bake the crust directly on the stone in the pizza oven. We only use six ingredients in our dough – high-gluten flour, water, sugar, salt, yeast, and olive oil. As a result, our dough is also vegetarian- and vegan-friendly.

Thick crust

Can’t get enough of the crust? For our thick-crust option, we double the amount of dough, and bake your pie in a deep, seasoned pan. The result is a much thicker edge crust – imagine getting your pizza with breadsticks on the side. Plan extra time as thick crust takes twice as long to bake. (Thick-crust uses the same dough as thin… just more of it.)


For those who require a gluten-free option, we make dough in-house each week. Using tapioca, brown rice, and potato, we create a cracker-thin crust that is strong enough to stand up to the pizza toppings. Ask in advance, as this crust sometimes sells-out quickly. This dough also has sugar, water, olive oil, and yeast – so it is still vegetarian and vegan safe. (The dusting flour for all our pizzas is also made with corn meal. For those with extreme gluten-sensitivity, please be aware that we do use wheat flour in our kitchen.)

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