Introducing Nico's Pizza


What do we mean by “Nicolitalia Original”?

 When Nick founded Nicolitalia in Provo, he wanted the pizza he knew and loved from living in Boston. He created a home for authentic, east-coast pizza, with all the great flavor and experience the name implies. He developed recipes for sauce and dressing that customers came to love. Although it has been years since Nick owned the shop, we have preserved the heritage he created. We have kept the flavors that you have come to love and expect from Nicolitalia. Even as we continue to improve and add to that foundation, we hope you will always be able to recognize that we are Nicolitalia Original. 


What is “Boston-style” or “East coast” pizza?

Every region of the country and world has its own unique take on pizza. East coast pizza (especially in Boston’s “Little Italy”) is no exception. In our opinion, four things make a pizza a true “east coast” pie. First, the pie is baked flat on the stone in a high-temp pizza oven – no pans, screens, or conveyor belts. Second, the crust is thin, crisp on the bottom, but still with enough rise to taste like artisan bread. Third, a simple tomato sauce, spread thin over the crust. And fourth, top-quality, whole-milk cheese, that goes UNDER any toppings.

Our Approach



Pizza is everywhere. You can find it on most street corners; you can even buy a slice while you are shopping for your groceries. Pizza also comes in different qualities. We aren’t fast-food pizza. We take the time to make our dough, sauce, and dressing in-house. We source top quality cheese and ingredients. We study and research and test and learn so we are always improving the taste and experience for you. We want to be your favorite pizza.

We also know that there is more to eating that just the flavor. How your meal tastes is impacted by your surroundings. We are creating a comfortable, warm environment where you can come with your friends and family and enjoy a meal together. Whether you are celebrating, watching a game, doing homework, holding a meeting, or just getting full, we hope you will come spend time here with us. 

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